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Goa'uld Shock Grenade similar to flash-bang?

Hey Comm - first time question ..

I'm writing in the Stargate universe. Those of you that have seen SG1 and are familiar with the Goa'uld shock grenade and its use of light and sound as a debilitating effect - is that pretty much the same thing as a flash-bang grenade?

Are flash-bang's used in the US military? In what instances?

Is it correct what I've read in thrillers, to combat against the effects of a flash-bang, you try opening your mouth very wide, turning away or closing your eyes tightly and cover your ears? Does that actually work?
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Chief's duties?

So, I am writing a short story about a Chief Petty Officer who is a corpsman at an overseas hospital. I am fine with Navy stuff, as I was in the service myself, but I have no idea what a corpsman would do, esp. a CPO. Would they still be on the floor doing rounds at the hospital or more administrative duties? Just looking for day-to-day work duties. Thank you.

Navy/Air Force: hazing situation

Hey! Someone just referred me to this group which I didn't even know was here. Sadly, I won't be posting the story on my LJ that I am about to describe, but the other Journal website I will be posting it to doesn't have groups for people who help writers...

Setting: fictional future/USA
Premise: Two junior grade enlisted personnel.
The Air Force and Navy have been banded together into one branch of the service.

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Question: what would be a good reason that would one personnel be singled out by others in his company/division/troop/new-term
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US Helicopters in Afghanistan

Hi everyone - my first post, looking for a little help if anyone can assist.
I'm trying to figure out what type of helicopter(s) the US Airforce would most likely have used to fly search and rescue ops in Afghanistan back in John Sheppard's day - about 2002-2003. All I've been able to find so far is a longish list of chopper makes used in Afghanistan, but I don't know if different makes were used for specialized purposes. 
Any assistance very gratefully received, thanks! 
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First post here (so sorry in advance if I screw up) and gelbes_gilatier suggested I ask for some clarifications.

I am trying to figure out what it takes for someone to go from MIA status to KIA, WITHOUT a body (or body parts) being available for confirmation of identity.

This is set in the current time (2011) and the location is Afghanistan.

I have found plenty of information on KIA's and MIA's and the difference between the two, but not how one would transition from one status to the other.

The cause of death in this case is a helicopter crash.

I know there is the death in absentia rules, but those apply after 7 years and I'm not sure if they are applicable to the military or not.

Any (and all) help is GREATLY appreciated as most of the information I've been able to dig up has to do with Vietnam not the current conflict.

Search strings (include but not limited to, my brain is drawing a blank on some of them ;)): Killed in action designation, how is one declared Killed in Action, Missing in action, How is one declared Missing in action, Killed In action/Body Not Recovered, death in absentia

I have searched: Google, Wikipedia, several POW/MIA sites
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US Army officers' Mess dinner

I hope someone can help me with their experience of the scenario. The setting is a Mess dinner in the Officers' Mess in Fort Bragg.

Now, while I have been to numerous British Mess functions, I don't dare to assume that they are the same as US ones (certainly no toast to the Queen with Sherry... ) but the characters are at the dinner, with one being a Mess member, the other being their guest/partner.

This is not something I could find on Google, because what I am looking for is some description of how the evening would go: drinks first while mingling? Sit down dinner with speeches first? Evening entertainment?

Any specific rules Mess members and/or guests have to adhere to? I bet there are just like in Britain, but what are they?

Ladies' dresses who are guests: long evening length to go with partners' Mess dress?

Even if I just got an overview how the evening pans out would be enormously helpful. The rest, well, that's what a writer's imagination is for. ;-)

ETA: Ooops! It seems I assumed from photos etc that the US did have the equivalent to the UK but that this is wrong. If there is anything similar, like a Ball or so, it would be extremely helpful if you could tell me. Thanks everso.
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Piloting helicopters at sunset

I would be grateful if anyone with more knowledge than I have could help me with this. I've done every variation of helicopters, flying, piloting, sunset, difficulties, requirements, rules, etc. in Google, and more than an hour later I still haven't been able to find an answer to my question.

I've been able to read about piloting a helicopter at night, but not at sunset, and I need to know if there are any particular difficulties with visibility at sunset. I think that there might be reduced visibility, but I don't know that for sure, and I certainly don't want to guess and get it wrong.

Specifically, is it harder to see things on the ground? And is there an annoying moment where it's too light for night vision goggles but too dark for the sun shield and the pilot can't see as well as she could normally? Would it be possible (or likely) for a pilot to not see something happening on the ground (like an insurgent aiming a RPG at her Blackhawk)?

Thank you so much in advance if you can answer this for me.
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the bundeswehr and me

Non-permanent reprimand/punishment


I'm looking for a way to formally warn a soldier off certain behaviour without making it permanent, ie. it can be removed from their records so they'll still have a chance of advancing through the ranks despite one lapse in good judgement. Like a slap to their wrist that won't hurt their careers permanently. I tried to find anything regarding non-judicial punishments but none of them stated just how permanent they are and how much either of them threaten a soldier's career.

I have a young US Air Force Captain with usually exemplary behaviour who yelled at a US Air Force General in a military base's infirmary for personal reasons. The Captain is the General's daughter's team leader and the General and his daughter have a rather... complicated relationship that usually leads to his daughter having some serious issues with accepting praise and affection from everyone not her father and her team leader's just fed up with it all when the General's daughter ends up half-dead in the infirmary and the only thing her father has for her is something in the direction of "I knew she'd screw up this assignment, too." I think it doesn't happen in public but it'll make the rounds anyway.

In the end, the General talks to the Captain's superiors and simply tells them to handle the situation as they see fit with no intervention from him (I think he might have realized that there was some truth in the Captain's words...) so I want them to be able to give the Captain that slap on the wrist without having to hurt his career permanently. Is there any way I can do this without having to claim writer's licence? I'd be so happy if anyone on here as any idea how to accomplish this because I'd rather stay true to military reality than having to make something up.

call sign and pilot terminology.

Hi guys. I am wondering what kind of name an f-16 might go by in the California Air National Guard out of Fresno.
What kind of designation might the F-16 have? like... ANG-159 or whatever.
What might its call-sign be? like... VIPER91 etc.
If the pilot called base at Fresno airport, what might the call-sign be for base? e.g:
Any clues?
Many thanks,

This is for my Buffy/Dr Who X-over 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Alien Tripods from Outer Space'.
The F-16 pilot is reporting to base that the tripods are leaving earth's atmosphere and the threat appears over. Base then asks him to fly by again and confirm, then return to base.
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Rank & Duties - First Lieutenant, Captain, Major (specific to Colby Granger of Numb3rs)

In my fic, ‘Regrets I Have Lived,’ I made the character of Colby Granger a First Lieutenant – I can’t recall how I came up with that rank so… don’t ask /chuckle.  I’m thinking that, shortly after the humvee incident, Colby got promoted to Captain.  I would really like to have him be the rank of Major before he ends up joining the FBI, which is going to be happening in my fic for the Numb3rs Mini Big Bang over at Numb3rs_Novella.


Since canon never gave us much backstory, Colby’s service in the Army is kind of a mess to decipher – as shown by segments of several discussions over at SaveColby, which I’ve placed behind the cut for length.

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