Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in military_beta,

Can a US general be court-martialed?

I'm writing a Daredevil fanfic, set during the Born Again arc. I'm just trying to get my facts straight for a short scene.

If a general commits a serious crime (in this case, allowing a private citizen/corporation the use of a Black Ops to commit an act of terrorism on US soil) would his trial be a general court-martial, or is there another name for it? And who would administer it?

I don't need details about how the hearing/trial would be conducted. It's just a couple of throwaway lines. The general has just realized how badly this could go for him, should his involvement come to light. Captain America is in his office asking questions, and the general is thinking that Cap is just the sort to report this to the [insert name of office with the power to try him] and, should the facts come to light at a [insert name of hearing], things are really going to hit the fan.

Thanks so much!

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