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Questions About the British Military Police Arresting an Officer

I'm seeking some help on a few issues relating to the British military, and specifically the Military Police.

My story is set about 80 years in the future, so many things have changed, which gives me a certain leeway. However, I would like to start out from a position of as much accuracy as possible in terms of how it works now in order to have a feeling of realism about it. I have several questions as follows:

I have a character who is a sergeant in a special peacekeeping unit of the British Army, tasked with escorting humanitarian convoys to war torn areas overseas. He falls in love with his commanding officer, a captain. As a result of this, the sergeant asks for a transfer out of the Peacekeeping unit and into the Military Police, so that he's no longer under the captain's direct command, in order for them to have a relationship without being in breach of the Armed Forces' Code of Social Conduct, prohibiting personnel from having relationships with subordinates if they compromise operational effectiveness.

Is there a process for him to request this transfer? How long would it take? I presume it's possible!

The sergeant is sent back to the UK and works in the military police for three years. He goes on various training courses and is highly regarded, conscientious and very good at his job. Would he be promoted in rank in that time? Would he be in charge of people? What rank would his CO be? The sergeant eventually marries the captain, who he has maintained a relationship with. The captain has been a good, if somewhat maverick officer during those three years - would he have moved up in rank in that time? If so, to what? Can he just request a transfer back home to marry the sergeant? Or at least request a transfer out of the Peacekeeping unit back into a regular army unit in the UK? He's put in far more than the usual time there, on his own request. Is 'unit' even the right word?!

My most important questions are these: For story reasons, it's crucial that the sergeant arrests his husband (who by this time is stationed in the same army camp as the sergeant and is not an MP himself) for refusing to obey an order. It's a very serious order with important repercussions, although it's possible he can use the Nuremberg defence in his trial. The captain is a few miles away from the camp when he refuses the order. What would the process be upon his refusal? Would he be arrested in the field? Or would he be relieved of command in the field and ordered back to camp and arrested there?  How would the military police receive the order to arrest the captain? I presume the MPs wouldn't be out in the field and on hand to arrest anyone, but is that correct? Would the sergeant be high enough in rank to arrest his husband, or would they send someone more important? It's important for story reasons that he is the one doing the arresting, so I basically need a scenario where it would be realistic.

Would handcuffs be used in the arrest? Who else would be present, if anyone? Would the captain be read some form of Miranda rights? Would the captain face a court martial for refusing to obey the order? Would the captain face mutiny charges? Prison time? Dishonourable discharge?

I've done several Google searches, but this is such a specific scenario that it's quite hard to get answers, and those I have managed to find have related to the US military, which has been useful in its own way as it's a good guide to the military mindset on these matters. Search terms used:
"armed forces arrest miranda rights" (it appears some form of words is used but no Miranda rights apply).
"rank of arresting officer in the military" (it says lower ranks can arrest higher ones, but I specifically want to know if it's realistic for the sergeant to be arresting the captain in this circumstance)
"handcuffs arresting officer military police" (I think so!)
"penalty for refusing to obey a direct order british army" (it seems serious but the answers varied a lot. Mutiny seemed to be one possible charge).
I have viewed this page: http://www.army.mod.uk/agc/provost/23207.aspx

Sorry, it's a long set of questions, but I'd be grateful for your assistance with any of them!

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