Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord (ingriam) wrote in military_beta,
Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord

Speaking to civilian refugees.

Can someone here tell me if this reads right to you:

“Everyone, welcome to the Alpha Site,” Atkins paused for about a minute to let the cheering die down to the point where he could actually be heard over it. “I know you’re all happy to hear about this, but there are a few things that I have to make clear before we settle in, so if you’ll all make sure that no one’s standing in the way of the doors, we can get them closed and then I can star briefing you people about what your lives are going to be like from here on in. Make no mistake, while we may be out of harm’s way, the enemy is not very far from us. Given what I saw on the day Chronos attacked, I highly doubt that there is any location outside this mountain that hasn’t been overrun by Zoanoids.” There were looks of worry on the faces of all the people that Sean could see clearly, and as the last of the doors leading into the escape tunnel closed for the final time, Sean saw Atkins take a deep breath before once more activating the megaphone that he’d been using to address the massed crowd of refugees. “But, that does not mean that our situation is hopeless! It just means that we might have to wait awhile before we can take our world back. And we will take it back!”

More cheering, louder this time. “Allow me to introduce you to some of the people who are going to make that possible: the two young men on my left are Ryan Crouger and Sean barker. They’re Guyvers; what that means in that they’re not only capable of fighting Zoanoids on equal terms, but they can and will overpower them. The man standing to my right is Aptom; his story’s a bit different, but he’s still as dangerous to them as either of our Guyvers.” Sean could see Aptom’s amused smirk in response to that statement. “As for the soldiers who brought you here, they are the Anti Chronos Task Force, and they’re here to protect you. I’m their field commander: Lieutenant Colonel Aiden Atkins. Feel free to come to me with any questions you might have after the briefing. Now, the following rules are not negotiable, and will be in effect until we have managed to establish ourselves within the Alpha Site, and most likely until we are able to establish a secondary base of operations with which to strike back at Chronos. Rule one: no one is to leave the any time, for any reason. We’re going to have a lot of work to do before we can get settled in, so this rule should be fairly easy to follow.”

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