rambler75 (rambler75) wrote in military_beta,

matching ballistcs to sniper rifles/ and can sniper rifle barrels be changed out

My question is would a bullet be able to be matched to a destroyed weapon?
Also can the barrels of sniper rifles be changed out and put in another rifle?

Here is the background. My Character is being framed for multiple murders. His current weapon was stolen and used without his knowledge. Also the barrels of two other weapons he used and were thought to be destroyed with the weapon itself were stolen and used in multiple murders.

One weapon was a rifle he used as a federal agent so that one's ballistic marking I would assume were on file.

The other one was used during combat tours in the middle east. Right now my thinking is probably Afghanistan though I haven't checked the time line and where the military was deployed at the time he did his tours of duty. I am thinking he was deployed for two tours probably the late half of the 90's 95-00. Would the ballistic signatures of that weapon be on file and accessible to the FBI and or Homeland Security?

I am writing him as an ex-Marine.

Thanks for any help you would be able to give me

Edit for updated info. Poster below noted the character would mostlikely have been in Bosnia and Kosovo, I'd forgotten all about that so thanks. I don't know if that matters but thought I'd post here in case it does.

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