November 7th, 2010


I've been trying to read up on the rules for re-enlistment in the Navy - I suspect my question would have a similar response based on any branch.

I was able to find the rules that give the maximum allowable time in rate (TIR) for E-4 and above. What about an E-3?

From what I've been reading, the promotions from E-1 (Recruit) to E2(Seaman Apprentice) and E2 to E3 (Seaman) are fairly automatic and more about time in service, 9 months for each. To get to E-4 (Petty Officer Thrid Class) there is an exam. What if a sailor hasn't taken and/or failed the E-4 exam. Would he be able to reenlist at the end of the four years or would they flag him?

Alternately, If he has passed the E-4 exam but has been passed over because of no open slots or some other cause that wasn't the sailors fault, would he be able to re-enlist?

Thanks in advance!