July 31st, 2010

Some questions about base life & leave

Hello! I looked back through the entries and didn't see anything that answered my (rather specific) questions; I'm hoping someone out there is willing to help me out with this:

The premise of my story is that there are two friends who can swap bodies. One is in the Army and the other is a civilian. The bulk of the story is going to take place elsewhere, but the first part of the story is the civilian, inside her friend's body, mooching around on the Army base with his best friend, who is aware of the switch.

What I need to know is:

How much free time would they have in the evening? I mean, is it plausible that they would go to the movies and hang out, or would she be expected to do some kind of work?

Is there a curfew to be back on base? How about back in quarters? By what time would s/he be expected to show up for duty in the morning?

Part 2: The friend is going to die while in her body, which leaves her stuck in his.

Under what circumstances can you get bereavement leave and for how long (if at all); in most jobs, you can only get it for immediate/close relatives--mom, dad, sibling--and you get a max of 3 days.

If it is only for direct relatives, would a half-sibling count?

If bereavement leave is out of the question (or too short for the purposes of my story), what kind of time frame would you get for a general leave of absence (say it was already scheduled)? That is to say, how soon could I get her out of there and back to their home city and how long could she stay?

Part 3. She's not going to want to stay in the military; how can I get her out, short of his/her contract being up?

Any help or insight y'all could provide would be gratefully welcomed.