July 1st, 2010


Medical knowledge of military officers


I've been trying to track down information on what kind of medical training US military officers receive. This is for Stargate: Atlantis, and I'm specifically interested in what Sheppard's training might have entailed, given his rank, past duties, etc. He's a USAF Lieutenant Colonel, helicoptor pilot, served in Afghanistan, seems to have flown some black ops missions even before going to Afghanistan...I can't think of what other information someone might need to help me out.

Anyone have any resources they know that would help me clarify just how much exactly he would know when it came to treating diseases and injuries? He'll be completely on his own with a nice big first aid kit. He's got no radio and no access to any other personnel or other sources of expertise (except maybe a manual in the first aid kit). He also has no idea when anyone else will show up, so he can't, for example, treat someone with the idea that it's just until someone more qualified shows up soon. He's on his own.

Ideas? Links? Anything? Thank you!