June 24th, 2010


Navy Officer Commissioning Programs and SEALs


Character enlisted with a SEAL contract, made it through BT, P-BUD/S, BUD/S, STQ, etc. His training would take about two years, I believe? And then it would take another 18 months to 2 years to be really accepted by his team and lose his new guy status. It's during this period of time that he proves himself and starts to think about becoming an officer.

Because he enlisted at 18, and it really doesn't look like he would have time to take courses online or not, I thought attending college in conjunction with some kind of officer program would be his best bet. I heard that even if you were an enlisted SEAL, you still have to go through BUD/S once you get your officer commission. How would this differ from the previous go-around, besides only having one attempt? Would he just have to do BUD/S, or would he have to do all of the training again? And would officers and enlists be in the same BUD/S class?

What are the differences between NROTC and STA-21? Would he be on active duty and pulled out of class to deploy during the years of study?

For senior officers, are graduate degrees required?

I found this nice chart here about a Navy SEAL career path. But, erm, I don't understand it. I assume the numbers are years of service? What do the stars mean? What do the abbreviations mean? I have this feeling that it would answer a lot of questions, but I have no idea how to interpret it.

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Edited because 1) heck of a lot of questions, so rewrote some/ took some out on other subjects that weren't answered in order to do more research and formulate thoughts better and 2) took out some that I already answered myself. Thanks for the help!