June 15th, 2010

  • sss979

Military police jurisdiction

New here. Hi y'all! Great setup you've got here!

I know the military police have limited jurisdiction (things that happen on base and concern military personnel) and I know I'm writing for a fandom that plays fast and loose with fact (A-Team - series and NOT movie) so I want to make this as realistic as I CAN while keeping to canon.

Canon: The military police chase military fugitives and occasionally threaten the civilians who harbor them with arrest.

My problem: If someone were to call the MPs bluff - namely a 16 year old who gets VIOLENT when they attempt to arrest the fugitive her mother is harboring - would the MP even have the authority to arrest this kid and take her to the local precinct? They're in HER house, and he was let in by her brother (also 16).

Any help appreciated. Thanks!


Conscription in WWI

I don't know if anyone will be able to help me since this community is mainly contemporary, but I'll try.

Can anyone tell me if college deferment could be used to avoid conscription in WWI? I've only really been able to find information about conscientious objection and vital industries.