June 1st, 2010

  • joane

On-board communications on US aircraft carrier

Here's one I'm having trouble tracking down - I've found a billion and one things on ship-to-shore communications, but little on within-ship communications.

I have an officer on the Kitty Hawk (US aircraft carrier), modern day (yes, I know it's been decommed in the real world - it hasn't yet in the game universe). A second officer on the bridge needs to call down to the office she's using to give her some information - not an emergency situation, not classified information (everyone already on the bridge knows about it) but reasonably time-critical. How does he call down?

I know there are sound-powered phones on navy ships, but found conflicting information about where they're used (everywhere, or just critical systems?) Is there a different communication system in place alongside that? Also, would the phone in the office ring? Beep? Chirp? I'm assuming it's not the Star Trek style fake bosun's whistle. ;) This is something reasonably small, but it's driving me nuts trying to figure out the logistics for this scene.