March 7th, 2010

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medical leave/restricted duty due to injury

I possibly should have asked this before I put my plot in motion in my RPG game, but oops. I have a Marine helicopter pilot (well, she functions as a helicopter pilot, and her craft is distinctly helicopter-esque), and due to a crash, she has a broken leg and can't really fly for the next five months (given other things in canon, I feel they would have accelerated healing by her time), and I need a bit of help.

Setting: human mining/military base/colony on a moon 4.37 light years away from Earth (it takes roughly six years to get there, although communication is much shorter) in the year 2150. The base is under constant 'Code Orange' due to the dangerous environment and tensions with the indigenous population. Due to said distance, my pilot (rank of Chief Warrant Officer) can't be shipped back home (she's not injured THAT badly that her employers would be willing to cut her contract short).

Question: Given my pilot does have a fractured tibia, but she can't be packed off back to Earth as it'd be a waste of resources...what would/could she actually do while her leg is healing? Google has been distinctly unhelpful to me.

I was thinking that, as she's been on the world for two years (at this point), she could possibly help train newcomers, or help plot out maps/surveys with the scientists (and thus start her canon assignment of flying the science sorties), but I really have no idea what else she'd be expected to do, or what else she could do, and any ideas/help would be very, very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!