February 11th, 2010

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aftermath of desertion/mutiny

Heyhey, first time poster here who is very, very grateful for having found this community. Mostly, I'm actually dealing with characters from the mid-22nd century, but as they are Marines (albeit not US Marines), I'm extrapolating from the modern military in an effort to get things to make as much sense as possible. I also have a number of questions, but a) I'm seeing if I can research them more first, and b) this one is...bugging me. A lot. *wry look at James Cameron's Avatar*

Setting: human mining/military base/colony on a moon 4.37 light years away from Earth (it takes roughly six years to get there, although communication is much shorter) in the year 2154. The base is under constant 'Code Orange' due to the dangerous environment and tensions with the indigenous population. Head of Security is the kind of Marine with easily thirty years experience, and a tough, brutal 'father to his men' type.
Character: experienced and well-liked Marine helicopter* pilot, rank; Chief Warrant Officer**; normally flew science sorties; I'm guessing her tour of duty is drawing to an end.
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