December 8th, 2009

Alyssa Howard
  • joane

USAF rules on dependents

I've been trying to find the rules for dependents (as in who can be declared as and receive the benefits for being one) in the USAF with limited luck - everything I've seen already assumes that you know who your dependents are. I'm not American, so if it's a national standard thing as opposed to a USAF thing, that information would be great too.

Basically, I need to know if a sibling, minor or otherwise, can be declared a dependent of an active duty soldier for the purposes of insurance/Tricare access and tuition transfer and so on. The scenario is an active duty Staff Sergeant with two younger siblings (both minors when she enlisted, one with a child) and one living parent unable to work (disability). Would she be able to declare her minor siblings as dependents, given that she's the sole official wage earner in the family? How about her sister's baby? Would the siblings need to be formally emancipated from their father in order for her to declare them as her dependents, or is the entire scenario impossible from the start?