November 11th, 2009

  • nemo_r

Stargate: Universe - combat training for scientists and types of weapons

I'm writing a Stargate: Universe fic in which Dr Rush, a civilian scientist has to take part in a fight, (against, um, zombies).

My questions are:

1. How much combat training/knowledge would he have? Would non military personnel receive basic military training in case something happened on a mission and they had to protect himself/others? (Has this happened in previous Stargate shows?)

Would he at the very least be familiar with using a gun? (Remember he grew up/studied in Britain with restrictive gun laws). Would it be very out of character for him to be able to handle a gun?

Is it possible he could have requested training?

2. In SGU they grabbed what weapons and supplies they could. So far according to

Young is the only one to have a Heckler & Koch UMP, why only him? Is it special? He mainly uses it as a crutch, but it seems to work as it is used in a later episode.

Other military personell have the Heckler & Koch G36K and the Colt M4AI

They also have the Beretta 92FS.

So what would Young issue to everyone in order to kill zombies? (Head shots/bashing their heads in/destroying brain kills them, anything else only slows them down).

How many bullets would they have? Is it likely they'd run out of bullets? Or could it be limited due to lack of supplies? Would the Beretta at least run out?

Thanks in advance.