November 10th, 2009

  • wneleh

Friendship between officers and enlisted people

The new Stargate:Universe has both enlisted people and officers as major characters, all trapped aboard the same alien spaceship, and as I'm starting to fic them I'm running into issues wrt how they'd think of each other and interact, off-duty and on.


(1) Would a sergeant and a lieutenant be friendly off-duty? Would they eat together, chat about other people, work on projects, that sort of thing?

(2) How would the sergeant think of the lieutenant, assuming they work together closely, have saved each others' lives, that sort of thing? Would the lieutenant be "Matt", "Lt. Scott", "Scott," "the lieutenant," or does it really vary? And, what would he call him to his face?

(3) The lieutenant has called the sergeant by his first name, Ron, at least once. Is this done?

(4) It's my understanding that sergeants can be pretty protective of very green officers. Is this correct? How might they show it - would they be teaching them their jobs, or filling in holes, or just making sure they do what they're asked and that others do too?


- Helen