November 5th, 2009


Army ranks and wedding etiquette and Marine Corps assault helicopters

So I'm writing a couple of stories featuring military characters, and I have some questions. Y'all have been incredibly helpful in the past, so I thought I'd impose on you once again.

Army questions

1) What is the general form of address for senior Army NCOs (Master Sergeant, Sergeant Major)? Full title, Sergeant or heck, just Sarge? Not in fully formal situations but in general conversation where people don't know each other well enough to use first names.

2) I know that Army NCOs are authorized to carry swords, but can they form an arch at a military wedding? The groom (well, one of them- this is set post-DADT) is a veteran officer, but it's important to him that his team be the one to do the arch. The other groom's an active-duty NCO, if that makes a difference.

ETA to clarify: The officer is former active duty, currently a civilian. So no fraternisation issues.

My USMC questions deal with Marine aviators in general and the Huey SuperCobra in particular. 

1) At flight school, do cadets on the rotary-wing/helicopter track train to be both pilots and gunners or do they have to choose one path? If it's the former, would someone be able to spend some time as a gunner and then switch over to being a pilot?

2) My apologies if this is a dumb question, but are the controls for any of the Cobra's weapons systems with the pilot, or are they all with the gunner?

I've tried Googling, but that gets me either conficting information or none at all. :(

Thanks in advance!

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