July 23rd, 2009

Stargate Atlantis question: Radios used in the field

Hi all! I've googled but my google skills are failing me on this, and I've gone back through the entries in this comm without finding what I'm looking for (though I've found a bunch of really helpful other stuff!).

If Team Shep was stranded somewhere on Earth and geared up for uncertain danger, what sort of radios might they have with them with which they could try to contact someone? Cell phones are out because they've just come from Atlantis, where there is, of course, no cell phone service.

I have absolutely no clue what sort of radios people in the military use. All the sites I've found have either been too technical for me to know how to find the information or understand it, or too general to be helpful. I'm guessing that the walkie-talkies are only for short-range stuff, but even that, I'm not sure -- can they contact only paired devices or something, or could they be used to contact some random other military base in range? and if so, what sort of range are we talking?


Thanks in advance!