July 15th, 2009


On-base procedure for a soldier's death (Afghanistan, ~2005)

I've got a Delta Force character who dies on a mission in Afghanistan sometime in 2005. He is the only casualty. I know that his body will be taken back to base and (eventually) make its way to Dover Air Base, but what happens in between? A memorial service, an announcement on the base's PA system? His team is headquarted in Bagram, if that makes a difference.

Second... is there any time limit for how long a body stays at Dover? My soldier has no family, his CO is listed as next of kin for any medical/legal issues that might crop up. His funeral is scheduled to be about three months after his death, owing to several factors, so would the body be kept at Dover or sent to a funeral home in the DC area until it's time for his internment at Arlington?

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