June 30th, 2009

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SOP following an injury? SOP for MIA/POW?

Two questions:

First question: I've got an 0321 Marine operating in Afghanistan circa 2006-2007. He is wounded with shrapnel from a mortar round. The injury itself is serious but not life-threatening, lacerations + a comminuted fracture of the humerus, but due to mitigating factors, he is not able to seek medical attention for several days, and does not have a corpsman with him in the field. As a result, he has a severe infection plus extensive trauma and swelling to his fracture, and he needs to be taken back to the States for surgery and extensive physical therapy.

I was wondering what is the typical procedure to evacuating a wounded serviceman to the States. I understand that all service personnel wounded in Iraq are routed through Landstuhl for stabilization and initial evaluation, but are WIAs from Afghanistan also routed through Landstuhl, or would they perhaps be sent to Okinawa, or even straight to San Diego?

Additionally, the Marine is stationed at Camp Pendleton, in Oceanside. I understand that the Navy hospital in San Diego is one of the best, so that seems like the logical place to send him. Would he be sent here for treatment, or would he have the option of being treated at the National Naval Hospital/Walter Reed, in DC (he has family in the area that he would like to be close to)?

Second question: This same Marine, an 0321 Team Leader, is in the field with his team, when they are compromised by a band of Taliban jihadis. (This is the incident in which the TL is wounded, by the way.) How likely is it that the jihadis would capture rather than outright kill the Marines? Slim and none?

If a POW situation is unrealistic, instead the Recon Team would have to stay bunked down several days between hostile forces before being able to contact their command and leave the area. What would be the SOP for debriefing once the Recon team returned to base after a MIA situation of approx two weeks? Furthermore, would all unharmed personnel stay in theater, or would the entire team be shipped home for debriefing?

Thanks in advance for any answers you can give me!