May 8th, 2009


Medical facilities at Bagram Air Base around 2004-2005

I've whumped my character thoroughly, now I need help figuring out how to put him back together.

Long story short: my MC is a Delta Force operative who was tortured over several hours with drugs, most notably quinuclidlyl benzolate (QB) and mescaline. When he's rescued, he has trouble breathing and several lacerations all over his body, but no broken bones or other injuries. He needs to be on a ventilator for his breathing and to stabilize him until the drugs are out of his system (36-48 hours, or thereabouts.)

Would there be adequate medical facilities at Bagram Air Base to accomodate him? I know that there's currently a 50-bed hospital, but what about in 2004/2005? And assuming Bagram couldn't take him, where would he go? Rammstein Air Force Base, or is that AF only? Germany?

After he's well enough to be discharged from hospital, he's given a couple of weeks of convalescent leave. Could he leave directly from the hospital to the States, or would he have to go back to where his unit is currently based (Bagram) for processing and stuff before he can get a transport back?
The latter option would make things a lot easier on me, so I hope it's possible even if not common.

Googled: Bagram Air Base hospital in various combinations, but that only gets me current info and not the dates I need.

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