April 11th, 2009

siler wrench

hello - USAF sergeant questions

I have a few questions, relating to a Siler (SG1) fic and realized my knowledge of the minutia of AF life.. was beyond skimpy...

1) what are some of the ways you might reach the rank of engineer Master sergeant? join, basic training and then go to college? and would you then be airman and work up to sergeant and then thru those ranks? or start as sergeant or...? and... is there special training to/when become sergeant? or master sergeant (since that becomes more of a leadership role?)

2) I was going to have him receive a medal, for his many years of jumping in front of dangerous electrical arcs so that things wouldn't go boom for everyone. I looked up AF medals and thought maybe the Airman's? but I could really get a feel for how.. what kind of actions 'deserved' the medals, or how much 'honour' (i.e., what would be presented as part of a ceremony with a visiting general as opposed to by your commander in his/her office?)

3) if he had an unspecified family emergency.. could he leave in the middle of the day (assuming no 'situation' in progress of course)? would he request it of the general? say he was just finishing a job he'd requested..?

thanks in advance for any help..