April 2nd, 2009


Questions about Marine NCOs and Navy SEALs

I've been trying to find some information on wikipedia and the various military websites with a minimum of success. I really hope someone here can help.

I have a character who enlisted in the Marines at 18 with no previous training, was promoted rapidly due to good leadership, and spent at least some time doing special ops. How long would he have to be in the corps before being accepted for special ops? What kind of time frames could I expect between promotions and what rank might he achieve by the time he hits 20 years? I'm not sure if the time in special ops would change the time frame for promotions. I've also read somewhere that to be qualified for special ops in the marines requires going through SEAL training. Is this true?

I have another character who went through grad school before enlisting in the Navy. After floating about for a bit, he went through SEAL training. How long would he have to be in the Navy before being allowed to join SEAL training? How fast might he expect to be promoted under such circumstances? Also, what is the probability of joint ops with the marines (yes, I want these two to meet on an op if possible)?