February 21st, 2009


Arch of Swords with multiple services and cake-cutting question

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So I have a character who is former active duty Army, currently in the Reserves. He's getting married in a very lavish black tie ceremony, complete with the Arch of Swords. The problem is that he has attendants fromthe Army (and the Army Reserves), the Navy, and the Marine Corps.

Would it be possible to have an arch of swords with all three of the services representing? It's especially important to him to have the USMC officer there, since she's his little sister. The wedding is not on a military base, so would that make a difference?

Second, and this is kind of silly, but is there any protocol regarding the type of sword that will be used to cut the wedding cake? My character is a West Point grad and has his own sword, but I'd really like him to use his sister's USMC officer's blade instead. Everything I can find says the groom should use his own sword if he has one; would using someone else's be a sticking point?

Thanks in advance!