February 19th, 2009

ncis title two masters
  • xanthe


I want three characters to meet for the first time in Vietnam. One of them is a marine, one is a navy lieutenant and one is an orderly at a hospital. I have in mind that the first two meet in a field hospital after they are both injured. The naval lieutenant has been injured when his patrol boat is ambushed - I don't have a story for how the marine is injured and it isn't vital.

However, I need them to spend a few weeks in hospital in Vietnam and not get shipped back to the US. They have to stay long enough to become friends and forge a bond. Is that a possibility? Would they have met like that with them both recuperating from wounds? I also need them to meet the orderly at the hospital. I presume hospital orderlies would be military personnel? How long would the injured men stay in a field hospital? Would they just get patched up there and then sent to a bigger hospital elsewhere to recuperate? Whereabouts would the hospital be?

Any help gratefully received!!!