February 11th, 2009

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Convalescent Leave and Places to Stay

Hey, guys. I just joined this comm in the happy assumption that someone will be able to help me with this.

The story is set in the near(ish) future, in a generic North America-type place, so information from either Canada or the US would be just fine. What I'm looking for is information I can extrapolate from if I can't use it outright. Basically I don't want to just make something up to suit the plot.

This is the scenario: A soldier has been wounded in the field and is on convalescent leave. It's not minor, but definitely of the kind that will allow him to go back to active duty once it's healed (think badly broken arm or leg that required surgery and some physio, but with an excellent prognosis). He doesn't need to stay at a hospital, but obviously he can't do much while he's hobbling around.

The catch is that he has no place to go. He has no family and no place to live other than wherever he's stationed.

So, in such a circumstance, would he be allowed to stay on-base? He wouldn't be able to be given any desk-job type of assignments for various reasons, and would be a terrible recruiter, if that kind of thing would make a difference. If people on convalescent leave are normally meant to stay with family and he has none, would he have any help finding a place, or would he be on his own?

Again, I know I can make up what he'll do, but I'd really like to have some real information to go on. I've been to about.com and read lots of interesting stuff about leave in general, and to the relevant pages of the US' TRICARE website, but nothing that would answer these questions.

Thank you very much in advance for whatever help you can give me.
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