December 6th, 2007

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Conduct Unbecoming Questions

Sorry for my first post having so many questions, I have been asking a friend who is more knowledgeable than me in this area and she recommended that I come here and get some help with my research since I was getting a bit lost while checking out the UCMJ. I did see something along the same lines as my first question in a previous post but it didn't quite cover what I need to know.

On with the questions:

1. If a charge of Conduct Unbecoming were brought upon an officer (with the argument that there's proof of being gay) is there a particular statute that would be cited (what would the most likely punishment be if convicted)?

2. And if this were brought up during an civilian murder investigation, would the local police have to allow the military to do the investigation? (I would assume that they might have to since it would involve someone with the SGC, but I want to make sure.)

3. Also if charges were brought against the main character for both murder and conduct unbecoming, would both charges be brought before the same court at the same time, or would they be separate trials?

4. Oh and would a 'regular' lawyer handle things for an officer if it's requested or would he have to use one that is military?

*checks over notes*

I think that's it. I appreciate any pointers in the right direction (and your patience with so many questions.) Thank you. :D
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