July 20th, 2007

Blue Wings

Promotion and Don't Ask questions

I've got a couple of questions that have popped into my mind while writing some fic. First, is there any sort of particular phrasing used in officially telling someone they're being promoted, specifically in a letter? To give some context, it's Lorne being promoted, and Sheppard would be reading whatever official notice either he or Lorne would be getting in the databurst somewhat flippantly.

Second, how exactly does does the entire "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" thing work in a situation like Atlantis, where you've not only got international troops but civilians? I know it obviously still applies to the Americans, but what's the official line when working with people like Rodney or Chuck who don't have that sort of rule? For that matter, what sort of reactions are there unofficially? I'm especially thinking of how someone like Caldwell might look at it if he supports the way things used to be in the Bad Old Days.

Thanks in advance!