July 6th, 2007

  • roga

A few US military questions

Hi! I'm a community newbie, and I'm really glad I found it :-)

I served in the IDF, I have a few questions about the equivalents of certain terms/practices in the US military:

1. Are various training courses referred to as courses? Schools? Training programs? (We referred to everything as a 'course'.)

2. An integral part of nearly every course we had was what for lack of a better term I'll call treks: everybody loading up their gear and going on a 5-100 km (depending on where you are and how far along in training) hike in rough terrain, usually at night, building stealth and stamina and morale and friendship and all those military values :-) I'm sure the US military incorporates something like that during training; how does it go, and what's the official (and non official, if they're different) term for it?

3. I assume that, like almost everywhere, seniority an issue between soldiers of the same rank. What would someone with more seniority call a newbie (I want to say 'rookie', but that sounds like it just came out of a film noir), and vice versa? If someone made an embarrassingly 'green' mistake, would an onlooker be able to say something like "oh my God, that is so (green?) ." (fill in appropriate word... :-))

4. There's practice in the base, and practice in the... field? Outdoors? Our word for field and outdoors is the same, what does the US call it? I'm talking about training, not actual field work.

5. What packaging do battle rations come in? (Do you call them battle rations?) How many people is one ration supposed to last for, and for how long? And is the food contained in one considered okay, a necessary evil, or just very, very bad?

6. Are there things soldiers are supposed to carry on them at all times? On duty or off duty? (like dogtags, or a military ID card?)

Thank you very, very much, and sorry for asking so many questions :-) By the way, what I'm writing is John Sheppard oriented, if you want to be more specific in your answers - but any answers will do.