June 23rd, 2007


AF Base

Would someone who is familiar with Travis AFB and environs be willing to look over a chunk of fic I'm writing (in Stargate: Atlantis fandom), and let me know whether I goofed too badly with the descriptions of the base & surrounding communities?

I'm positing that Sheppard was posted to Travis early in his career. Is that plausible?

women in combat and related query

I remember reading a comment somewhere that mentioned in passing missions that Cadman would not be allowed on, with the implication this was because she's a woman. Are there set rules for how female soldiers are allowed to be deployed and what are the reasons? Since Teyla at least appears to go on every type of mission there is, I'm not sure I'd follow them strictly in Atlantis' case, but I'd like to know what they are before I go breaking them.

On a (sort of) related tangent, I've heard about something called SERE for training on surviving things like capture, torture, all the pleasant stuff - what does that actually involve, and does it reference rape as a torture technique and if so, does it make a distinction between men or women for that or just give everyone the same stuff? And how much of the training is psychological?
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