May 12th, 2007

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A few odd questions

 I'm working on a NCIS/Stargate crossover, which has raised a few background-questions:

1: I see a lot of rivalry and teasing between the air force and the marines on SG-1 and in other works of art. The marines are often thought of as slightly stupid, while the air force is thought of as flighty, lazy guys. Is that really how they see each other?

2: Also borrowing from works of art... I've seen a lot of sergeants who have suffered officers - and then just done the job themselves, with a kind of arrogance towards officers. The main attitude being that officers are more trouble than they're worth. Is there some kind of rivalry between noncoms and officers?

And last, a question out of common curiosity:

3: I've been reading a few NCIS-fics lately, where the fannon seems to be that Gibbs, due to his many years in the marines (the accuracy of that statement notwithstanding), is very neat. That clashes violently with the way O'Neill is portrayed in SG-1, where he is (to put it mildly) a bit of a slob. Does being in the military make you compulsorily neat - even in private?