April 29th, 2007


A bunch of questions

I have four somewhat unrelated questions I hope someone can help me with. The knowledge I have comes from being in the Canadian military, but I need some help translating what I want into the American military way of doing things. I'm working on a Stargate Atlantis Fic so I guess I'm looking for specifically Air Force or Marine terms.

1. In Canada, all soldiers carry a KFS (knife/fork/spoon) set when out in the woods but I think the term KFS is a British thing. What would Sheppard carry, since though he's Air Force, he spends a lot of time on the ground tromping around? According to my husband who spent 12 years in the artillery, Canadian soldiers are also issued a melmac plate (in the brightest possible colour) to eat off of when you're not eating IMPs (now MREs). Are American soldiers issued metal plate or something?

2. In Canada, Fire control orders are given as GRIT (Group, Range, Indication and Type of Fire). I'm assuming American soldiers use something similar, if not the same thing. Specifically, I'm interested in the term used to indicate slow fire (used to preserve ammo). I've heard of the term "Watch and Shoot". Is that what I'm looking for?

3. If Lorne is the Deputy Commander (and not just the Executive Officer) would the term ever be shortened to DC? In the Air Force here, we use the term DCO (Deputy Commanding Officer) and I'm assuming military everywhere love acronyms equally. My hubby says the Army loves the term 2IC, but from looking at past entries, I gather that's not the appropriate term for Lorne either.

4. Ok, this question is for a separate fic, but I'd might as well get them all out while I'm here. Would anyone be able to describe to me the basic military formation they would use, if all the military personnel in Atlantis were formed up? Using Canadian Air Force terms here (our drill is the same for all three elements, just the names differ), I'd think they'd use a Squadron In Line. The Marines are probably broken down into sections (8 people per section, with 3 sections per flight/platoon, and three or more flights/platoons making up the squadron). The flight commander of each flight stands 3 paces in front and centered on each flight and the squadron commander stands three paces in front of them, centered on the squadron. (Our DCO stands 3 paces to the front of the second file of #1 flight - in line with the flight commander). Is this how it's done in the US?

Sorry for all the weird questions on a Sunday evening. Thanks so much in advance for any help.

Also, if anyone ever needs any info on the Canadian Military, I'd be happy to help out.