January 23rd, 2007

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  • perfica

DADT In Relation To The Military Leader Of Atlantis

Feel free to go into as much detail with your answers as you like, and to point out errors I've made.

1. If John and Rodney were caught having sex by members of the military forces on Atlantis, what would be their immediate response? Do they, legally, have to throw John in jail until a hearing can be convened or is he removed from command?

2. Who needs to be at that sort of meeting (assuming they don't just kick him out straight away); i.e. witnesses, people of higher rank, etc? Are there special circumstances to take into account re Airforce versus Marines?

3. Is John allowed to salute people if he's wearing casual clothing?

4. If a person is kicked out for breaking DADT I assume they lose their rank. Do they also lose their pension and/or other benefits they may be entitled to?

ETA: 5. What sort of academic qualifications do you think John has at this point in his life?