January 9th, 2007

McKay/Sheppard by gambits_rogue
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AF retirement & permanent disability

Hi, all.  I just joined, and I have a few questions related to a Stargate Atlantis AU I'm writing:

1)   If John had left the Air Force soon after Afghanistan, what would have been a reasonable length of service for him?  10 years or so?  15?  With less than 20 years of service, would he be considered retired?  Would he receive any sort of pension?  And if he leaves the AF without retiring, what is his separation from service called?  A resignation?  A discharge? 

2)  In the AU, John succeeded in rescuing Captain Holland (from the episode Phantoms), however Holland's injuries were severe enough that he never really recovers and will have to be hospitalized for the rest of his life.  A plot point in the story has that this situation puts a huge financial burden on Holland's family and John is helping them pay the bills for this care.  In this situation, what sort of support could Holland and his family expect from the military?  How much of his care would be covered?  For how long? 

Thanks in advance!