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Can a US general be court-martialed?

I'm writing a Daredevil fanfic, set during the Born Again arc. I'm just trying to get my facts straight for a short scene.

If a general commits a serious crime (in this case, allowing a private citizen/corporation the use of a Black Ops to commit an act of terrorism on US soil) would his trial be a general court-martial, or is there another name for it? And who would administer it?

I don't need details about how the hearing/trial would be conducted. It's just a couple of throwaway lines. The general has just realized how badly this could go for him, should his involvement come to light. Captain America is in his office asking questions, and the general is thinking that Cap is just the sort to report this to the [insert name of office with the power to try him] and, should the facts come to light at a [insert name of hearing], things are really going to hit the fan.

Thanks so much!
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Visiting another base?

How easy, difficult, or impossible would it be for a character to visit a military base that they are not stationed at? If it matters, the character visiting is John Sheppard (Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force) and he will be visiting someone at another Air Force Base. While the characters have worked together previously (on Atlantis), they do not have any connections at the moment. His visit is solely for personal reasons. In fact, the other character will not know he is coming at all.

Once he's on the base, will they tell him where to find the character he's searching for? If not, can he wander the base looking for the other character? Because of the secret nature of the Stargate Program, I think Sheppard is technically "assigned" to Peterson Air Force Base (his brother mentions trying to send letters to him there in cannon) and this is the base he will be trying to visit, if that helps him out any.


Someone gave me a lot of great information, so now my main questions are:

How can he find out what building this person works in? Where would he go and who would he ask to find that out? Would they just tell him this information freely or is he going to have to explain his purpose for being there?
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Questions About the British Military Police Arresting an Officer

I'm seeking some help on a few issues relating to the British military, and specifically the Military Police.

My story is set about 80 years in the future, so many things have changed, which gives me a certain leeway. However, I would like to start out from a position of as much accuracy as possible in terms of how it works now in order to have a feeling of realism about it. I have several questions as follows:

I have a character who is a sergeant in a special peacekeeping unit of the British Army, tasked with escorting humanitarian convoys to war torn areas overseas. He falls in love with his commanding officer, a captain. As a result of this, the sergeant asks for a transfer out of the Peacekeeping unit and into the Military Police, so that he's no longer under the captain's direct command, in order for them to have a relationship without being in breach of the Armed Forces' Code of Social Conduct, prohibiting personnel from having relationships with subordinates if they compromise operational effectiveness.

Is there a process for him to request this transfer? How long would it take? I presume it's possible!

The sergeant is sent back to the UK and works in the military police for three years. He goes on various training courses and is highly regarded, conscientious and very good at his job. Would he be promoted in rank in that time? Would he be in charge of people? What rank would his CO be? The sergeant eventually marries the captain, who he has maintained a relationship with. The captain has been a good, if somewhat maverick officer during those three years - would he have moved up in rank in that time? If so, to what? Can he just request a transfer back home to marry the sergeant? Or at least request a transfer out of the Peacekeeping unit back into a regular army unit in the UK? He's put in far more than the usual time there, on his own request. Is 'unit' even the right word?!

My most important questions are these: For story reasons, it's crucial that the sergeant arrests his husband (who by this time is stationed in the same army camp as the sergeant and is not an MP himself) for refusing to obey an order. It's a very serious order with important repercussions, although it's possible he can use the Nuremberg defence in his trial. The captain is a few miles away from the camp when he refuses the order. What would the process be upon his refusal? Would he be arrested in the field? Or would he be relieved of command in the field and ordered back to camp and arrested there?  How would the military police receive the order to arrest the captain? I presume the MPs wouldn't be out in the field and on hand to arrest anyone, but is that correct? Would the sergeant be high enough in rank to arrest his husband, or would they send someone more important? It's important for story reasons that he is the one doing the arresting, so I basically need a scenario where it would be realistic.

Would handcuffs be used in the arrest? Who else would be present, if anyone? Would the captain be read some form of Miranda rights? Would the captain face a court martial for refusing to obey the order? Would the captain face mutiny charges? Prison time? Dishonourable discharge?

I've done several Google searches, but this is such a specific scenario that it's quite hard to get answers, and those I have managed to find have related to the US military, which has been useful in its own way as it's a good guide to the military mindset on these matters. Search terms used:
"armed forces arrest miranda rights" (it appears some form of words is used but no Miranda rights apply).
"rank of arresting officer in the military" (it says lower ranks can arrest higher ones, but I specifically want to know if it's realistic for the sergeant to be arresting the captain in this circumstance)
"handcuffs arresting officer military police" (I think so!)
"penalty for refusing to obey a direct order british army" (it seems serious but the answers varied a lot. Mutiny seemed to be one possible charge).
I have viewed this page: http://www.army.mod.uk/agc/provost/23207.aspx

Sorry, it's a long set of questions, but I'd be grateful for your assistance with any of them!
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USAF helicopter training in the late 1960s.


I have a character who is a 30-year-old USAF Academy grad HH-3 Jolly Green Giant pilot flying in the 38th ARRS on a tour to Vietnam from February 1966 to February 1968 (he re-upped a few months before the end of his first tour). After his tour, I would like to transfer him to a training squadron for the HH-3 but I'm finding it a bit difficult to pinpoint exactly where that would have happened in the late 1960s.

So I'm trying to find out where the USAF trained their helicopter pilots in the years between 1968 and 1970/71, especially only the HH-3 Jolly Green Giant pilots (especially those flown in Pararescue operations, but not exclusively), after their undergraduate training. I tried to look up Wikipedia and Google with search words "USAF helicopter pilot training 1960s", "USAF HH-3 pilot training 1960s", "USAF helicopter jolly green giant training 1960s" but couldn't get any satisfactory results. I know that Air Education and Training Command is situated at Randolph AFB and that Nellis AFB houses the HH-60 training/USAF Weapons School, that Rucker AFB trained other helicopter pilots and that the USAF Helicopter School moved from Stead AFB to Sheppard AFB in 1965. I looked at Sheppard's Wiki entry but am still not sure if this is really where they would have trained.

Also, if I can't find out exactly where they'd be located, how likely would it be that he could also train pilots for other chopper types, such as Chinooks or the everpresent Hueys or at least any types related to the HH-3?
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"2IC" in Stargate fic


Another LJer just mentioned this comm, and now I can ask a question I've been wondering about for several years...

When reading Stargate fic, I've seen "2IC" as an abbreviation for "second-in-command". What I'm wondering, is that abbreviation actually spoken in the military? For example, when writing, we may use the abbreviation "Lt.", but a character would say "Lieutenant". So, would the character actually say "two-I-C", or would it be "second-in-command" in dialog?

Thank you.
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Speaking to civilian refugees.

Can someone here tell me if this reads right to you:

“Everyone, welcome to the Alpha Site,” Atkins paused for about a minute to let the cheering die down to the point where he could actually be heard over it. “I know you’re all happy to hear about this, but there are a few things that I have to make clear before we settle in, so if you’ll all make sure that no one’s standing in the way of the doors, we can get them closed and then I can star briefing you people about what your lives are going to be like from here on in. Make no mistake, while we may be out of harm’s way, the enemy is not very far from us. Given what I saw on the day Chronos attacked, I highly doubt that there is any location outside this mountain that hasn’t been overrun by Zoanoids.” There were looks of worry on the faces of all the people that Sean could see clearly, and as the last of the doors leading into the escape tunnel closed for the final time, Sean saw Atkins take a deep breath before once more activating the megaphone that he’d been using to address the massed crowd of refugees. “But, that does not mean that our situation is hopeless! It just means that we might have to wait awhile before we can take our world back. And we will take it back!”

More cheering, louder this time. “Allow me to introduce you to some of the people who are going to make that possible: the two young men on my left are Ryan Crouger and Sean barker. They’re Guyvers; what that means in that they’re not only capable of fighting Zoanoids on equal terms, but they can and will overpower them. The man standing to my right is Aptom; his story’s a bit different, but he’s still as dangerous to them as either of our Guyvers.” Sean could see Aptom’s amused smirk in response to that statement. “As for the soldiers who brought you here, they are the Anti Chronos Task Force, and they’re here to protect you. I’m their field commander: Lieutenant Colonel Aiden Atkins. Feel free to come to me with any questions you might have after the briefing. Now, the following rules are not negotiable, and will be in effect until we have managed to establish ourselves within the Alpha Site, and most likely until we are able to establish a secondary base of operations with which to strike back at Chronos. Rule one: no one is to leave the any time, for any reason. We’re going to have a lot of work to do before we can get settled in, so this rule should be fairly easy to follow.”

matching ballistcs to sniper rifles/ and can sniper rifle barrels be changed out

My question is would a bullet be able to be matched to a destroyed weapon?
Also can the barrels of sniper rifles be changed out and put in another rifle?

Here is the background. My Character is being framed for multiple murders. His current weapon was stolen and used without his knowledge. Also the barrels of two other weapons he used and were thought to be destroyed with the weapon itself were stolen and used in multiple murders.

One weapon was a rifle he used as a federal agent so that one's ballistic marking I would assume were on file.

The other one was used during combat tours in the middle east. Right now my thinking is probably Afghanistan though I haven't checked the time line and where the military was deployed at the time he did his tours of duty. I am thinking he was deployed for two tours probably the late half of the 90's 95-00. Would the ballistic signatures of that weapon be on file and accessible to the FBI and or Homeland Security?

I am writing him as an ex-Marine.

Thanks for any help you would be able to give me

Edit for updated info. Poster below noted the character would mostlikely have been in Bosnia and Kosovo, I'd forgotten all about that so thanks. I don't know if that matters but thought I'd post here in case it does.
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Military procedures help needed, please?

Hi, first time poster, and I'm so glad I found this site since I know absolutely nothing about the military. :) I have a couple of questions, please:

1) Is it customary to receive hard copies of intel/reports during a military briefing or is it all digital these days?

2) On a base, a soldier's injured their hand, noncombat, and the injury requires icing. Is that something they can handle themselves and how? Or is there a procedure they follow, need to go somewhere for it, i.e., get a chemical coldpack/ice, see a doctor.

Thank you for any and all help, greatly appreciated! :)